Sunwayman R01A

Sunwayman R01A

The Sunwayman R01A is an inexpensive alternative to the legendary Fenix E01 – it uses a single AAA, is around 10 lumens, is a twisty on/off, and uses the same Nichia 5mm LED emitter as the Fenix E01, with very similar battery life. The Sunwayman version is *nearly* as good as the Fenix, but is let down by the emitter being slightly more exposed than on the Fenix, and also by a twisty on/off function that feels a little loose. One of the things I really like about the Fenix E01 is that it has a tactile resistance in the thread/o-ring between on/off and from where you start to feel the head unscrew – the R01A doesn’t have this. That said, in use, the R01A is basically the same as the Fenix – it’s a low lumen “get home” light – but it just doesn’t feel as rugged or as “tight” as the Fenix.

Simple conclusion: The Sunwayman R01A is definitely worth looking at as a backup. The R01A is easily one of the better E01 alternatives, and if price is a factor, or if you just want to have an AAA flashlight in every pocket, then it ticks all the boxes. The R01A isn’t perfect, but for the price, it’s worth every cent.

- Price
- Build quality and anodizing are very good
- Comes with 2 x spare o-rings
- It’s doesn’t roll away like the E01!
- IPX-8 waterproof
- Comes in retail packaging

- Can’t tailstand
- Twisty function isn’t as firm as the Fenix
- LED is vulnerable to damage (on a keychain or in a toolbox etc)


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