Sipik SK68 flashlight

Sipik SK68 flashlight

Of all the cheap Chinese CREE lights, this is easily one of my personal favourites. The Sipik SK68 can be powered by either a single AA or a single 14500 battery, and has surprisingly good build quality and cosmetic finish for such an inexpensive flashlight. The zoom mechanism is much smoother than many of the other lights in this price range, and will hold its position unless you really shake the crap out of it.
If you don’t already have some 14500 batteries, it’s well worth investing in a few of them, along with a cheap charger. A 14500 battery will obviously shine much brighter, but due to the lower capacity, will only last for half the time of a high quality NiMH AA – but, if you don’t mind charging batteries, the run time is worth sacrificing for the extra punch you get from the 14500s. Even if you only use AA batteries in the Sipik SK68, it’s still a very bright flashlight. I keep a Sipik SK68 with a 14500 on my fridge as my day to day flashlight, and have another one clipped to the front of my bug out bag with a high capacity AA. Being able to swap out batteries for maximum brightness vs maximum run time is a huge bonus, and makes the SK68 a very versatile little flashlight. And yes, it tailstands!

Model: Sipik SK68
Battery: 1x AA, or 1×14500
Switch: Clicky
Modes: 1
LED: Cree XR-E Q5
Tailstands: Yes!

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