Opinel #8 folding knife

Opinel #8 folding knife

Opinel make some of the best value folding knives available, and their medium sized folders make for very nice EDC knives – especially if you want to carry something non threatening and non tactical. Opinels come in a variety of sizes, the larger the number, the larger the blade – from the tiny little Opinel #2, up to the monstrous 22cm Opinel #22 “Le GĂ©ant”. The Opinel number 8, with an 8.5cm blade, is one of the most popular and is large enough to get most jobs done, but still easily pocketable. Opinels are available in carbon steel or stainless steel, and in a variety of different handle woods and stains, all with the famous Virobloc locking mechanism.

Opinel France No 8 Beech Wood Safety Locking Carbon Steel Blade Knife

Opinel France No 6 Beechwood Safety Locking Carbon Steel Blade Knife

Opinel Garden no 8 Beech Wood Handle w/ Safety Ring Lock Knife France

Opinel Knife VRN12 No 12 # Beech Wood Folding Pocket 6 1/4" High Carbon 13120