Fiskars X17 splitting axe

Fiskars X17 splitting axe

The Fiskars X17 splitting axe sits nicely in between a hatchet and a full sized axe, and is an ideal small axe to take camping, hiking, or for bugging out. Although it IS a spitter, it can still easily double as a small felling axe or as a hatchet, and is small and light enough to be able to carry on your pack (if you really need to). It’s made in Finland, and has a lifetime warranty.

Total length: 23.5 inches
Total weight: 3.7 lbs
Head weight: 2.56 lbs

Fiskars 375591-1001 28" Splitting Axe w/ Sheath

FISKARS 375841-1001 Axe, Splitting, Forged Steel, 36 in.

Splitting Axe by Fiskars Brands Inc, 3PK

Splitting Axe by Fiskars Brands Inc