Dynamo flashlight

Dynamo flashlight

You can never have too many flashlights. But that means keeping track of all your batteries. Throw one of these cheap dynamo flashlights in your car, and one day when you run out of batteries for your “good” flashlights, you’ll be thankful you’ve got it. You just need to squeeze the handle a few times, and they charge up immediately. Run time is pretty good, and even when the LEDs do begin to fade, it’s not like squeezing the handle is exactly hard work. They’re a little bit cheap and nasty, and won’t handle being dropped – but at around $2 they’re a no brainer. They’re also really good to have as giveaways for friends that didn’t bring their own flashlight (we’ve all got a friend like this), or for kids.

Ivation Hand Crank/Dynamo 3 LED Flashlight IPX6 Waterproof No Battery Replacing

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Dynamo AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio LED Flashlight Charge

9 in 1 LED Hand-Crank Powered Dynamo LED Flashlight W/ Radio and Phone Charger

Coghlan's Dynamo Flashlight LED Wind-Up Torch Hand Crank Emergency Light w/Clip