Cold Steel Bushman with Secure-Ex sheath

Cold Steel Bushman with Secure-Ex sheath

I recently purchased a Cold Steel Bushman, with the *new* Secure-Ex sheath and included ferrocerium fire steel. I’ve always been interested in the Bushman, I really like the idea of a minimalist survival knife that can be modified and tweaked to suit the user. The Bushman is a very simple design – take a piece of high carbon SK-5 steel, put an edge on one half, and roll the other half to form a hollow handle. That’s about all there is to it. You can stuff some survival goodies into the hollow handle, you can wrap it in paracord or innertube, you can file in some jimping or a choil, Or you can leave it untouched. It’s basically a blank canvas. The “new” Secure-Ex sheath is surprisingly good – it’s tough, light, low profile, and the knife locks in with a reassuring click. The pocket/belt clip is almost identical to a Mora sheath, you can either thread your belt through it, slip it onto a button (how very European!), or clip it to your pocket. For the price, the new sheath is impressive. That said, Secure-Ex is nothing more than a branded “plastic”, so don’t get too excited about the materials used. The sheath comes with a fire steel, which works well (on the uncoated parts of the blade). Unfortunately the steel will eventually come loose from the handle and will need to be reglued back into the handle. Not a big deal. The Bushman is half a machete, half a survival knife, half a bushcraft knife, and is one of the few survival knives specifically designed to be used as a spear. Which all adds up to a pretty fun knife.


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