Casio F-91W – inexpensive basher EDC watch

Casio F-91W – inexpensive basher EDC watch

It’s not exactly pretty, but what the Casio F-91W lacks in style, it makes up for in value for money. Although it looks very 80s, the F-91W was released by Casio in 1991. It has a stopwatch, daily alarm, hourly chime, calendar, a light, and a 7 year battery. Casio claim that the F-91W is only water resistant (rain, water splashes etc) and not water proof, but I know several people that regularly swim wearing a F-91W, and they haven’t had any problems. If you want a cheap basher watch that you won’t be afraid to wear, the F-91W is pretty much perfect. They can be picked up online for $10-$20, which is a great deal – but also keep an eye out in your local sports store, or even toy store, I’ve heard of people picking them up on special for as little as $6 each.

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